About Mark Comms
Mark Comms is a Bournemouth based company specialising in the sale, hire and service of two way radio and communications equipment.

Established in 2007, we supply radio equipment by the leading manufacturers including Motorola, Icom, Entel, Kenwood, Vertex Standard and Tait. Customers can choose from the latest in digital radios and systems to conventional analogue radios to meet their business requirements.

We offer radio hire on a short and long term basis. Our event communications solutions are perfect for event organisers and we are members of the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) and Association of Festival Organisers (AFO).
Offering friendly and impartial advice we will provide a complete and comprehensive radio communications solution tailored to meet your individual needs.

So whatever your requirement - from a small site requiring several hand-portable radios with a single channel to multi-channel repeater systems incorporating advanced digital applications covering multiple sites - call us today for friendly advice!
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Radio Solutions
Digital radio technology offers an exciting range of benefits including:
  • Improved battery life (up to 40%)
  • Superior audio quality
  • Increased privacy
  • More efficient use of frequencies
  • Wide range of applications
Features such as text messaging, GPS tracking, advanced lone worker solutions and the ability to make individual or group calls are available with digital radio.

To enhance existing systems options such as Motorola’s Capacity Plus allow increased flexibility with channels becoming a pooled resource making more efficient use of channels and allowing simultaneous conversations to take place. Another option is IP Site Connect which allows communication across multiple sites via the internet.
Migration to digital is made easier with Motorola’s Mototrbo range which has the ability to operate in both digital and analogue modes.

This allows for a gradual transition of your radio fleet from analogue to digital without having to upgrade all of your equipment at the same time.

For some users conventional analogue radios continue to meet customer needs. Higher specification analogue radios offer useful features such as lone worker, emergency notifications and caller ID.

Contact us now for a free, no obligation demonstration and see the benefits digital radio has to offer.
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Radio Hire & Event Communications
Mark Comms specialises in event communications hire. From a festival or sporting event to an exhibition or corporate function, we will provide clear communications to ensure the smooth and safe running of your event.

We offer a range of options including:
  • Ear-pieces
  • Noise cancelling headsets
  • Spare batteries
  • Repeater base stations
  • Desktop base units
  • On-site support
During 2014 our hire fleet was upgraded with the latest Motorola digital radios offering added customer benefits including improved battery life, superior audio clarity, enhanced privacy and a greater number of channels.

Hire equipment is covered by our Ofcom licence. For larger events we can obtain frequencies specifically for your event to minimise interference and assist with frequency planning and co-ordination.

Mark Comms offers full customer support during the hire period. We can remain on site for the duration of the event or provide a dedicated out of hours telephone number in the unlikely event that you experience any issues.
We offer nationwide next day delivery and collection by courier. If your event is local to Bournemouth we can provide free delivery and collection.

Mark Comms is a member of the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) and the Association of Festival Organisers (AFO).
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Our hire services are not just limited to events, we also hire radios to the following sectors on both a short and long term basis:
  • Retail & leisure
  • Facilities management
  • Security
  • Film & music industry
  • Construction
If your organisation currently utilises radios, we can program our hire radios to work in conjunction with your system. This is particularly useful during busy times or for businesses with a seasonal element.

Some clients prefer the long term hire option in order to avoid the large capital outlay when purchasing equipment. They also benefit from having the most up to date equipment with no servicing or repair costs and are able to offset the entire rental cost for taxation purposes.

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Our Customers
Mark Comms works with a diverse range of clients locally and nationally. From retail stores and universities to conference centres and country estates, we pride ourselves on personal service and customer retention.

We continue to support customers with our after sales service including maintenance contracts, servicing, repairs, supply of accessories and advice on upgrading to digital systems.
We provide communications at events across the country - large and small. As members of the National Outdoor Events Association (NOEA) and the Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) you can rely on our knowledge and experience.

No event is too small and our customers range from local running clubs and charity events to large music festivals and sporting events.
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Case Study 1 - Britannia Parking

Britannia Parking required an effective communication solution between its fleet of buses which operates a commuter service for employees working at a major financial company based in Bournemouth.

Previously, mobile phones had been used but this was proving costly, especially as hands free kits were required to comply with legislation. The use of mobile phones also didn’t allow information to be passed instantly to all drivers simultaneously.

The entire fleet of buses, along with the control room and transport depot were fitted with Icom radios. The system utilises our repeater base station which allows unlimited calls and coverage across Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch.
Case Study 2 - Victorious Festival

Victorious Festival is a two day music event held in Portsmouth attracting over 80,000 visitors.

Mark Comms has worked with the organisers since 2012 to provide an effective event communications solution using Motorola digital radios.

A total of 16 channels are utilised to allow event management, production staff, security personnel, traffic management teams and other event providers to communicate during the event, including the build-up and breakdown periods.

Repeater base stations are installed to ensure total coverage of the site and event specific channels obtained to avoid potential interference issues.
Frequently Asked Questions
Digital radios offer numerous advantages including:

Improved battery life
Superior audio clarity
Enhanced privacy
Greater frequency efficiency

Additional features include the ability to make private calls, GPS tracking, text messaging, advanced lone worker features and a wide range of applications. Most digital radios have the ability to work in analogue mode, allowing you to gradually upgrade your radios as finances suit.
Ofcom oversees the licensing of radio communications in the UK. The licensing process can appear complicated, but we are able to apply on your behalf and avoid the complications. The most common types of licence include:

Simple UK Licence
Defined Licence

The Simple UK Licence allows use of an unlimited number of radios anywhere in the UK at a cost of £75 for a 5 year period. This licence allows access to a limited number of shared single frequencies and so there is a possibility of interference in heavily congested areas.

Technically Assigned and Area Defined Licences are specific to a particular site or coverage area and allow operation of an unlimited number of radios. They offer access to frequencies which are allocated by Ofcom to minimise interference with other users. The use of repeater base stations is permitted to enhance coverage on a site or provide wide area coverage.

The cost of these licences starts at £75 per year and depends on a variety of factors including frequency band, transmit power and location within the UK. In the Bournemouth area a typical Technically Assigned or Area Defined licence costs £75 per year, increasing to a maximum of £150 per year for a wide area repeater system.

If you are hiring radios, you will be covered by our hire licence.
Licensed radios require an Ofcom licence and generally offer greater performance due to the fact that hand-portable radios can transmit 4 to 5 watts of power. Users of licensed radios have specific frequencies allocated to minimise interference. Licensed radios tend to be robust and durable than l,licence free radios and are ideal for business or commercial users.

Licence free radios require no licence and transmit at a reduced power of 0.5 watts and therefore operate less effectively than licensed radios. As frequencies are limited and shared between users there is a greater chance of interference and this type of radio is suited more to leisure or recreational use.
Licensed Hand-portable radios will generally work over a distance of several miles. Performance is increased in open environments and reduced in built up areas. Licence free radios will perform less well due to their limited power output. Coverage can be significantly increased by the use of a repeater base station. If mobile radios are fitted to vehicles and used in conjunction with a repeater it is possible to cover very large areas.
Standard prices include radio with battery, belt-clip, chargers and licence. A wide range of accessories are available at additional cost. Radios come with labels allowing customers to name or number radios using a permanent marker.
Our hire fleet comprises of the latest Motorola digital radios.
Batteries will typically last between 10 to 12 hours. Our hire fleet consists of Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries which offer greater longevity and the advantage of being thinner and lighter than Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries.
We will arrange delivery and collection using our preferred courier (normally UPS or UK Mail). Deliveries can be made next day and if urgent a morning delivery can be specified at additional cost. If your event is local to Bournemouth we can provide free delivery and collection.

We can even arrange for your equipment to be delivered to your local UPS access point (typically a local shop or business within a few miles) meaning you can collect the delivery when it is convenient for you, rather than having to wait in for the courier driver. When returning equipment this can be deposited at the local UPS access point ready for the courier driver to collect.
In the unlikely event of faulty equipment we will exchange within 24 hours. We provide a dedicated out of hours support number should you experience any issues.
The Hirer is responsible for the equipment whilst on hire. Any loss or damage whilst on hire will be charged for accordingly. It is recommended the equipment is insured by the hirer. Proof of insurance and/or a deposit may be required. A suggested replacement value of the hire equipment can be given on request. While in transit with a courier the equipment is covered by our insurance.
Your invoice will show payment methods at the bottom including our BACS details. Alternatively, payment can be made on-line by clicking here.
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