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Mark Comms provides radio solutions working with leading brands including Motorola, Hytera, Icom & Entel. We are an approved Motorola Solutions Channel Partner.
Digital Radio
Digital two way radio offers a range of benefits over traditional analogue radio including:
Improved battery life (up to 40%)
Increased channel capacity
Ability to make group & individual calls
Clearer audio & filtering (especially in noisy environments)
Increased privacy & security
Greater functionality & integration
Wide range of applications
Migrating to digital is made simple as most digital radios have the ability to operate in both digital and analogue modes.
This allows for a gradual transition of your existing radio fleet from analogue to digital without having to upgrade all of your equipment at the same time.
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Discover the Benefits of Digital Radio

From simple hand-portable radios for a single site to integrated radio systems covering multiple locations - our helpful advice is tailored to meet your specific requirements
Systems & Applications
The increased functionality and wide range of applications available with digital radios continues to grow. Some examples demonstrating the extended capabilities available include:
GPS Tracking
GPS enabled digital radios can be tracked using traditional mapping systems. Tracking for indoor environments is available via internally installed beacons which communicate with the radio via bluetooth.
Alarm & Phone Integration
Digital radios allow integration with fire and intruder alarm systems. Details of an activation (showing information displayed on the alarm panel) can be sent to a radio with a display. Phone integration allows radio users to make and receive calls over SIP, GSM and analogue phone lines.
Lone Worker & Personal Safety
To ensure the safety of personnel and lone workers features such as an emergency button, timed welfare checks initiated by the radio and man-down options are available.
Dynamic Trunking
Motorola’s Capacity Plus system offers greater flexibility and capacity on sites where a large number of users are split across various channels. Channels effectively become a pooled resource offering greater channel efficiency.
Site Connectivity
Motorola’s IP Site Connect allows radio communication between remote or geographically dispersed locations using the internet to connect sites.
Smart Device Push-to-talk
Smart devices can be integrated into existing Motorola digital radio systems using Motorola’s WAVE OnCloud push-to-talk platform. Your smart phone or tablet becomes a secure, multi-channel push-to-talk device communicating with existing digital radios.
Licence Free Radio
Licence free radios (also known as PMR446) provide a basic, cost effective solution when reliable and secure communication is less critical. The reduced power output and range (compared to licensed radios) restricts their use to smaller sites.

As no licence is required, this type of radio is very popular with consumers, especially as they can be used in most European countries.
The number of channels available is limited and there is no co-ordination in the use of frequencies. Therefore, interference from other users can be a problem in more populated areas.

Licence free radios are available in both digital and analogue versions.
Analogue Radio
For some users conventional analogue radios continue to meet customer needs, especially where the requirement is for basic voice calls.

While analogue radios are still available to purchase, the majority of customers using analogue systems tend to upgrade to a digital radio as and when they change or replace a radio as most digital radios have the ability to also operate in analogue mode. This option then provides for an easy migration should they decide to upgrade to digital in the future.
Higher specification analogue radios offer many useful additional features such as lone worker, trunking, emergency notifications and caller ID. However, the advantages offered by digital radio are considerable, especially in terms of system integration and applications.
Nationwide Digital Radio
Press-to-talk over cellular provides nationwide two way radio coverage using the mobile phone network. A range of hand-portable and mobile radios are available which are fitted with a SIM card.

Dispatcher software (installed on a PC) allows GPS tracking, call recording, private calls and the ability to stun a radio should it be lost or stolen.
Coverage is dependant on the selected mobile network and can be enhanced by using a multi-network SIM which provides access to multiple mobile networks.
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