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Location Tracking

Location tracking of radio users is possible using GPS enabled digital radios. Tracking for indoor locations is available via internally installed beacons which communicate with Bluetooth enabled radios.

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Lone Worker Safety

To ensure the safety of personnel and lone workers features such as an emergency button, timed welfare checks initiated by the radio and man-down options are available. Alarm activations are sent to other radios or can be sent as a text message or voice message to mobile phones.

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Alarm Integration

Digital radios can be integrated with building management systems such as fire and intruder alarm systems. Details of an activation (showing information displayed on the alarm panel) can be sent to a radio with a display.

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Phone Integration

Phone integration allows radio users to make and receive calls over SIP, GSM and analogue phones using their digital radio. This feature will also monitor lone worker and emergency calls and notify alarms by text message or pre-recorded voice messages.

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Trunked Systems

Trunked systems such as Motorola’s Capacity Plus and Capacity Max offer greater flexibility and capacity across sites where there is high volume usage. Channels effectively become a pooled resource offering greater channel efficiency.

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Site Connectivity

Systems such as Motorola’s IP Site Connect allow radio communication between remote or geographically dispersed locations using the internet to connect sites. The system can also be used to connect repeaters within large buildings or sites to enhance coverage.

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Smart Device PTT

Smart devices can be integrated into existing digital and analogue radio systems using a networked gateway.

Smart phones or tablets become a multi-channel, push-to-talk device communicating with existing radio systems. In the case of Motorola digital radios this is provided by Motorola’s WAVE OnCloud push-to-talk platform.

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Nationwide Digital Radio

Press-to-talk over cellular (POC) radio provides nationwide two way radio coverage using the mobile phone network and a SIM enabled two way radio.

Customers benefit from wide area coverage and retain the advantages of press-to-talk (PTT) functionality and instant group communication found with a traditional two way radio, without requiring any additional infrastructure.

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